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Who is Flavours Of SingaporeThe face behind Flavours Of Singapore is Rosie G. (1975) a Singaporean currently living in The Netherlands. Flavours Of Singapore started in the beginning of 2010 and is the pioneer of authentic Singaporean Cooking Workshops in The Netherlands. Rosie G. is the initiator of this unique concept, as she brings the Singapore kitchen to The Netherlands to introduce the true Flavours Of Singapore. Rosie succeeded big-time. With interesting and cozy workshops Rosie stole the heart of the people in the Netherlands. Her enthusiastic style of coaching combined with her great knowledge of Asian food, the Singaporean kitchen in particular, makes every workshop a fantastic experience.

Rosie's passion for Singaporean food did not just stop at cooking: Previously, she owned the locally popular Rosie's Nasi Padang back in Singapore. With a background of having mothers that are great cooks who went to cooking courses at an early age and later on got involved in catering businesses, it was this motivation and tutorage that got Rosie interested in food and cooking at a young age.

After spending some time in a career in sales and marketing, Rosie decided to become an entrepreneur and pursue her ambition and passion in the food industry. She first started in Singapore and combined with her knowledge of cooking and food business, Rosie took her experiences to Amsterdam. When she first came to The Netherlands she saw that Asian cooking was different than back in Asia. She also discovered that the Singaporean kitchen was relatively unknown in The Netherlands.

Rosie started her own cooking workshops in 2010. Every day she shares her passion for food with anyone who is interested. She teaches with passion authentic Asian cooking, passes her knowledge of Singaporean food and encourages people not to be afraid to cook Asian food from scratch. Rosie has taught not only Dutch people but French, Brazilian, Asians, Indonesians, Americans, British etc.

Until today, Rosie is busy giving cooking workshops, conducting cooking demonstrations to the public, involved in corporate projects, appears at festivals and events such as Taste Of Amsterdam, Singapore Food Fair in The Netherlands, Christmas Pop Up Food Court, Festival Culinair Amuse Amsterdam, Asian Food Festival and sometimes when she is free, she's in her own kitchen testing new recipes.

Rosie also works freelance as a Country Resource associate for a Intercultural Global Solutions company for cross cultural training programs for expats who are going to live and work abroad in Singapore. With her understanding and experience on both Western and Singaporean culture, she advises clients about culture and business in Singapore.


Why Me

Rosie's beautiful kitchenAre you looking to learn something new-a new recipe and an Asian home style cooking to cook new Asian dishes for your loved ones at home? Surprise your partner by joining the cooking workshops? A day out with a group of friends or colleagues and do something completely unique? Do you want to buy a special gift for someone? Or are you organising something special for a teambuilding event?

With us you don’t have to be a master in cooking to join my workshops. Asian style cooking is different but it is easy to learn with the right guidance!


What do you learn from my cooking programme?

Rosie in her kitchenThe magic word: Singaporean Food. That part of South East Asia where I come from, that little dot on the world map, that sunny tropical island is a paradise for food and shopping! And what is interesting about this little clean and green country is that it's a melting pot of the best ethnic food from all over South East Asia. The Malay, Chinese and Indian Kitchen's. The diversity is amazing, you can often get the best food from the food courts and street food stalls. Everyone in Singapore loves traditional home cooking and that is what it is all about here. The secret to the Singaporean Kitchen.

All recipes that you will learn from me are based on my family recipes. I learned to cook these dishes from a great cook and mentor - my mother, who is a chef herself! Most of the dishes have been cooked and sold in our previous restaurant in Singapore.

I hope to see you at one of my workshops and until then .......Selamat Makan! (Eet Smakelijk!) (Enjoy Your Meal!) ( Bon Appétit!)

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