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Food from SingaporeIn this tropical island city-state there is much to say about its multi-ethnic fare. Singapore is a multi-ethnic society made up of Chinese, Malay and Indian whose forefathers came from all across Asia. These generations brought along their food culture and tradition and with the intermarriage up till today have created not only a rich food tradition but also one of the most exotic cuisines in the world.

There are the Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine and every ethnic group has their own distinctive flavours and favourite dishes. The typical Singapore food is a blend of these different cuisines where a lunch or dinner could be a combination of the Malay sate, Chinese seafood such as the sambal stingray and the Indian mee goreng.

Whatever it is the blend of all this multi ethnic recipes have brought together a world of delicious favourites with its rich flavours and wonderful tastes.


Some of the typical Singapore food ingredients

  • Banana leaves- often used as wrappers when steaming or grilling food.
  • Cardamom pods- used to flavour curries.
  • Chillies- dried or fresh chillies, bird’s eye chillies, chilli powder.
  • Chinese celery- more fragrant than the normal celery. Used to garnish soups or Chinese dishes.
  • Coconut milk or cream- used in many Singapore dishes.
  • Galangal (laos) – fragrant root from the ginger family. Very commonly used in the Malay kitchen.
  • Kailan or Baby Kailan- used in Chinese dishes.
  • Lemongrass- fragrant lemony stalk used in soups or curries.
  • Pandanus leaves- used for its fragrance in Malay dishes, desserts and Nonya dishes.
  • Tofu- firm tofu, pressed tofu, dried tofu.
  • Tamarind- used only its juices to create a subtle sweet and sour taste in dishes.
  • Bangkuang- a root vegetable. Either eaten raw with a dip or as a cooked vegetable filling in a popiah (spring roll).
  • Chye sim- a green leafy vegetable.
  • Noodles- fresh yellow wheat noodles (hokkien mee), fresh laksa noodles (rice noodles), dried rice vermicelli (beehoon), fresh flat rice noodles (kway teow).
  • Star anise, soy sauce, turmeric, fennel seeds, curry leaves, cumin seeds, belachan (trassi) and many more.
Multiple dishes from Singapore

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