Thank you for featuring us in this lovely book. The book written by Jonah Freud and Cijn Prins has 2 versions. The English version “The Amsterdam Gourmet” and the Dutch version “Heerlijk Amsterdam”.
It features all the best places to dine, festivals, events and workshops in Amsterdam.
It is a good book to read and explore places in Amsterdam and also a book which you can buy for your foreign friends coming to live in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Gourmet



Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing a few of the Television celebrity Chefs from 24Kitchen. It was lovely to meet them face to face and asked them a few questions.

Read all about it on . We will regularly publish each of the interviews featuring Roberta Pagnier, Angelique Schmeinck, Rudolph van Veen, Giovanni Caminita, Danny Jansen and Mounir Toub.

Giovanni Camminata

Rudolph van Veen

Angelique Schmeinck

Danny Jansen

Roberta Pagnier & Mounir Toub

Chef Jodi Abel

Chef Jodi Abel from San Diego was touring in Europe to pick up some new techniques and joined a few classes in Amsterdam and Umbria. Here she met Rosie to learn the Asian cuisine.

photo 8

photo 6

photo 9

photo 11

Chef Jodi Able runs Lajollacooks4u which organizes cooking classes in her beautiful home in San Diego. In her blog she writes about her adventures after returning from her trip.

Read here :

Dear Foodies,

It’s been a long time indeed. I would like to invite you to have a look at my new weblog I have taken my time (my own sweet time) to gather all my photos, contents and recipes to put it in the weblog. I am launching my weblog and it is all about Food & Recipes. Here you will find reviews on restaurants that I have visited, new products and recommendations on Spotted and most importantly for you are the recipes.
This weblog goes beyond Singapore food. It’s my foodie passion and I have included easy to cook recipes just for you. Recipes that range from Singapore, Mexico, Thai etc

Hope you will take the time off your busy schedule and check my weblog. What you see right now is not just 20 recipes but I am including more recipes and more content. This is just the beginning of the launch phase. On the weblog it is also easy to share the recipes or articles with friends, all you have to do on the page is click on share button (facebook, gmail, twitter etc) and your friends can see them.

Hope to see your support by reading and trying out my recipes in the weblog.

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1 November 2014

(IN DUTCH) Menu Augustus- December 2012 voor Open Inschrijvingen : SINGAPORE STREETFOOD

Voor reserveringen en datum (open inschrijvingen, groups en bedrijfsuitjes) , kijk onze Online Booking Calendar

Singapore Street Food 1 < 26 AUGUSTUS, 18 NOVEMBER open inschrijvingen>
> Menu: Singapore Chili Crab , Curry Puff , Seafood Horfun Noodles , Kuih Bakar <   Eten is een favoriet tijdverdrijf in Singapore en Singapore staat bekend om haar keuken. Zin om deze favoriete gerechten te leren kennen en ze ook thuis te kunnen koken? In dit nieuwe menu leer je de nationale gerechten kennen en koken, Singapore Chili Crab, Seafood Hor Fun Noodles in een dikke saus, Singapore's favoriete snack het Curry Puff pasteitje, gevuld met aardappel en het laatste, maar zeker niet het minste dessert, een ovenbereid en traditioneel Singapore Malay Kuih Bakar (wat zich laat vertalen als 'gebakken cake'). Mis dit watertandend lekker eten niet!   Voetnoot: Er zitten zeevruchten in dit menu, de krab in Singapore Chili Crab kan niet worden vervangen door een ander. Er wordt geen varkensvlees gebruikt in dit menu. De prijs bedraagt €59 per persoon.)) [caption id="attachment_153" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Singapore Chili Crab"][/caption]

Singapore Streetfood 2 < 28 OKTOBER , 9 DECEMBER open inschrijvingen>
Menu: Otak -Otak , Kuih Dadar , Roti Kirai/Jala , Coriander Chicken Curry with spiced lime yoghurt

In Singapore kent eenieder de termen street food, hawker food of food court. In feite eten, welk bereid wordt in stalletjes in de open lucht in het tropische Singapore, het eetparadijs van het verre oosten. In dit menu leer je de lokaal beroemde Otak-Otak kennen en bereiden, wat een visgerecht, verpakt en geroosterd in een bananenblad is. Maar ook Roti Kirai of Roti Jala “visnet brood”, een speciale Coriander Chicken Curry met pittige yoghurt-limoen dressing en voor de zoetekauwen Kuih Dadar, een zachte pandan pannenkoek met zoete kokos. Verslavend lekker!

Otak-Otak ( Fish & Spices wrap in banana leaf )