Dear Foodies,

It’s been a long time indeed. I would like to invite you to have a look at my new weblog I have taken my time (my own sweet time) to gather all my photos, contents and recipes to put it in the weblog. I am launching my weblog and it is all about Food & Recipes. Here you will find reviews on restaurants that I have visited, new products and recommendations on Spotted and most importantly for you are the recipes.
This weblog goes beyond Singapore food. It’s my foodie passion and I have included easy to cook recipes just for you. Recipes that range from Singapore, Mexico, Thai etc

Hope you will take the time off your busy schedule and check my weblog. What you see right now is not just 20 recipes but I am including more recipes and more content. This is just the beginning of the launch phase. On the weblog it is also easy to share the recipes or articles with friends, all you have to do on the page is click on share button (facebook, gmail, twitter etc) and your friends can see them.

Hope to see your support by reading and trying out my recipes in the weblog.

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If you know anyone who is a foodie and interested please share this email with them.
The more the merrier.

Kind regards,

Rosie Gohres
Food & Recipes
1 November 2014

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