It was a lovely sunday despite the cold weather, everyone was enthusiastic being out, eating and watching the dragon dance and performances. I had a nice conversation with many people who came to say hi and also asking about the food that we were selling on that day, what is Otak-otak (otah) and about the cooking workshop. I wish I had more time to chat with people but unfortunately I had to make the roti chapati non-stop.
Here are the photos that I put together for the video. Very beautiful photos that captured the ambience, food and the festival feeling of the first Asian Food Festival in Amsterdam. These photos are contributed by the organizer Stichting Chinatown Amsterdam.

[youtube DcIBNWgfU10]

This next video was taken by AT5 kinderprogramma (children programme) with Flavours Of Singapore. Rosie making roti , the most effective way using a press to make roti faster than using a rolling pin!

Flavours Of Singapore in BASTA AT5 kinderprogramma
[youtube u7xw-BjjjdU]