It was a lovely sunday despite the cold weather, everyone was enthusiastic being out, eating and watching the dragon dance and performances. I had a nice conversation with many people who came to say hi and also asking about the food that we were selling on that day, what is Otak-otak (otah) and about the cooking workshop. I wish I had more time to chat with people but unfortunately I had to make the roti chapati non-stop.
Here are the photos that I put together for the video. Very beautiful photos that captured the ambience, food and the festival feeling of the first Asian Food Festival in Amsterdam. These photos are contributed by the organizer Stichting Chinatown Amsterdam.

[youtube DcIBNWgfU10]

This next video was taken by AT5 kinderprogramma (children programme) with Flavours Of Singapore. Rosie making roti , the most effective way using a press to make roti faster than using a rolling pin!

Flavours Of Singapore in BASTA AT5 kinderprogramma
[youtube u7xw-BjjjdU]

The first Christmas market in the secret garden of Zuidoost Amsterdam. The POPUP Xmas Food Court with streetfood. The Food Court runs for 5 days from 19-23 december 2011, 1100-2000 hours in the previous office building of Bijenkorf canteen in Zuidoost Amsterdam. Specialist food businesses offered varieties of food to public as well as catering to office workers for lunch. Public could sit indoor and enjoy their food in the cozy environment as well as the outdoor courtyard.
This POPUP Xmas Food Court is an initiative by Jefrrey Spangenberg and Rochdale.
Location: Frankemaheerd 2, Amsterdam.

[youtube kGZucy41LS4]

The face behind Flavours Of Singapore is Rosie G. a Singaporean currently living in The Netherlands.
Flavours Of Singapore started in the beginning of 2010 and is the host of the first authentic Singapore Cooking Workshop in The Netherlands. Rosie G. is the initiator of this unique concept, as she brings the Singapore kitchen to The Netherlands to introduce the true Flavours Of Singapore. Rosie succeeded big-time. With interesting and cozy workshops Rosie stole the heart of the people in Netherlands. Her enthusiastic style of coaching combined with her great knowledge of Asian food, the Singapore kitchen in particular, makes every cooking workshop a fantastic experience.

Rosie’s passion for Singapore food did not just stop at cooking: Previously, she owned the locally popular Rosie’s Nasi Padang back in Singapore. Combined with her knowledge in cooking and food business Rosie took her experiences to Amsterdam, and every day she shares her passion for food with anyone who is interested.

Watch our participants in action. Enjoy!

[youtube u1ZB_Up3HpI]

The first Singapore Food Fair in The Netherlands. Organized by Amazing Oriental, suppliers from Singapore and International Enterprise Singapore, the food fair lasted 3 weekends (6 days) in October. From Delft to Rotterdam and Beverwijk, the fair was a huge success as it attracted the attention and attendance from locals and expats in The Netherlands with its variety of food products from Singapore. The opening ceremony was attended by Singapore ambassador Mr Anil Kumar, suppliers from Singapore and the Europe Director of International Enterprise Singapore who attended the event. Rosie G. from Flavours Of Singapore also participated in this food fair as she gave cooking demonstrations during the 6 days event. A Singaporean living in The Netherlands, Rosie G. has her own company “Flavours Of Singapore” based in Amsterdam where she teaches Singapore and Asian cooking workshops and also gives cooking demonstrations.

[youtube m8t1S3jIrAQ]