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Introducing Rosie 1 Flavours Of Singapore Kitchen-Jan van Zutphenstraat Flavours Of Singapore Kitchen Assorted Fruits Potato Curry Puff Pastry Flavours Of Singapore cooking workshop. Participant frying chicken drumsticks. Flavours Of Singapore kookworkshop. Aardappelballetjes worden gefrituurd. (Frying potato balls). Flavours Of Singapore kookworkshop. De aardappel balletjes worden bereid.(Making potato balls). Flavours Of Singapore kookworkshop. Teambuilding. Rosie guiding the participants. Beef Noodles Cooking with friends Cooking with your partner Cooking Workshops Singapore Classics Group Workshops Rosie explaining ingredients Sambal Udang Petai Satay Workshop Tahu Goreng Workshop making satays Workshop teambuilding

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