Private Cookery Course

Our unique and exclusive Private Cookery Course that tailors to your needs. Very hands-on and under our full guidance . Flexibility at your own time and cook in your own home or at our facility. Not only we guide you on how to cook, we tell you the tips , techniques and talk about the ingredients- how to use and prepare it. It is fun, interesting and you will learn a lot in that few hours.

Private cooking courses are offered to individuals or groups at your home. A hands-on workshop is anywhere from 1 to 12 people. Larger groups can also be arranged.

Private Cookery Course

We offer 2 types of private cookery courses.

Individual one on one basis private cookery course or with your partner

Individual one on one basis private cookery course or with your partner tailored to your needs. An individual lesson is a wonderful way to get an in-depth understanding of cooking methods so that you can cook your meals to suit your needs. Be it a one off cookery course or courses spread over a few days or weeks. A wonderful gift to surprise your partner with and great to cook together. This can be done at your home or at our facility.

Private cooking party as a group

A cooking party is a delicious way to bring people together for a fun and educational afternoon or evening in the comfort of your home. Ideal for a surprise birthday party, re-union, farewell, Christmas, bachelor/bachelorette party etc. This can be done at your home. We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities and come to your home to teach you and your guests in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Good to know:

  • Day-time, evening or weekend courses are available.
  • There is a base fee for the course from 1 up to 6 persons. After that there is an additional fee per person up to 12 persons. For larger group, please email me to discuss the pricing.
  • Price includes BTW/VAT (tax).
  • Travel fee €0,19 per kilometer if we are coming to teach at your home.
  • Prior to your course, we will confirm the start date and time. Preferably inform us at least a month in advance so we will have enough time to discuss menus etc.
  • Discuss your preferences, menu options and dietary concerns. The amount of food we cook will depend on the number of persons attending.
  • The course lasts about 2 & 1/2 hours - 3 hours. Typically we have time to make 3 dishes.
  • Cost of food is additional and will depend on your menu preference and the number of people.
  • You will do the grocery shopping from the list that we will email to you after the menu consultation. If you prefer that we do the shopping for you, there is an additional fee for grocery shopping and this is on top of the cost of any groceries that we are providing.
  • We would love to hear from you. Contact us for more information. It will be handy if you can provide us with information such as date and time, location (where you live), parking (if your neighbourhood is paid or free parking), number of people/guests and if everyone is going to participate in the cooking, kitchen space, prepping area, if you have equipment and utensils for cooking (such as pots, woks, knives, cutting boards etc). Email us at
  • For some inspirational ideas, check our menu list below and click on the left column 'Private Course'.