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Welcome to Rosie's Recipes! In this new section, I will be posting Asian cuisine recipes. Some recipes are from my family recipes while others are based on inspiration gained during my travels etc.

I love good old traditional cooking such as the Singaporean recipes handed down to me by my mother and I love to keep these classics authentic - the way it should be cooked and I pass this on in my cooking workshops. Currently I live in The Netherlands, and I am thankful that I can get hold of most of the products for my Asian cooking, as they are available in most Asian food shops here (Toko's).

Apart from Asian cooking, my love for good food and cooking has crossed outside of Asian cuisine. I travelled a lot since my early twenties. I especially love the Italian, French and Mexican cuisines. I often cook western cuisine at home. If you wish to publish some of the articles or recipes from the website, please contact me first.


Rosie G.


Rosie's Beef Fried Rice Main courses [serves 4]

Beef Fried Rice Small Thumb

This is one of my favourite recipes. A recipe that I have created without the fuss of making chilli paste instead I use chopped fresh chillies. Delicious and fast to cook beef fried rice in just less than 30 minutes! These ingredients are also easy to find in a supermarket. Treat yourself to this delicious Asian dish.

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Singapore Chicken Soto Soup (Singapore Soto Ayam) Main courses [serves 2]

Soto Ayam Small Thumb

This is my family recipe for the Singapore Chicken Soto Soup. The traditional way of Soto soup is normally serve with either rice cakes (lontong) or vermicelli or yellow noodles. Once serve with vermicelli or yellow noodles it is no longer a Chicken Soto Soup but we call it Mee Soto. ("mee" as in noodles- Soto Noodles)

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Roti Prata Main Courses [Serves 8 portions]

Roti Prata Small Thumb

One of the traditional recipes, roti prata is famous in Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysia, it is called Roti Canai. This is the Asian version of flat crispy yet soft pancakes and serves best with curry or just dip in sugar. Although western pancakes are desserts, roti prata is well just too filling to be categorized as a dessert.

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