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"We really enjoyed and liked doing the cooking workshop at your place. The taste and the choice of your dishes were well adapted to our Dutch taste and I am sure that each and everyone has enjoyed the cooking and loved eating the food afterwards."
Monique Jeurissen

"The ambience was great and so was the environment to cook in."
Anja Brom

"I found this a very enjoyable night and learnt a lot. This is how you learn to combine different products and ingredients and get it to taste so nice. Now I can make it again and again at home. The suggestions and tips about how to prepare the food were very helpful, for example how to simply scoop the rice from the cooker, so simple, yet so effective!"
Iris J

Dear Rosie,
We had a great evening learning the Singapore Classic Cuisines. Especially learning how to make fresh paste and the tips you gave were great. It was the best workshop we had and we will recommend more friends to come. Thanks for the teaching us and sharing your expertise on Asian food.
Lisa and Mark

Your knowledge and expertise in Asian cooking are very good and the tips are very useful. The food was delicious and we will definitely make it again at home. All of us had a great outing cooking together! Fantastic workshop!

Hello Rosie,
Thank you for teaching both of us and we learned a lot from you. Your tips were valuable and we like your method of teaching, explanation and we enjoyed very much the hands-on cooking, making the paste from scratch and cooking the delicious meals. We're happy that we took up the private cooking lesson! It was worth it!
Rob and Sandra

Dear Rosie,
Your teaching and cooking were wonderful. We like it that you use fresh products and make fresh ingredients not like other workshops we had been to. We love the kitchen. It was cosy, comfortable and enjoyable place to learn. Especially after cooking, the food and the wines were excellent.
Diane and Angela

Hi Rosie,
We are very happy that we choose to come to your workshop and learn about Singapore cooking! This is a definitely must try Asian cooking workshop! We will definitely come back for the next workshop with our friends.
Esther and Erik

Dear Rosie,
Thanks a lot for the great recipes, tips and nice company. We learned to make delicious nasi lemak. We really enjoyed it!
Bianca and Lothar

Dear Rosie,
Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful world of mini aubergines, spring roll wrapping and a thousand surprisingly luscious flavours. I'm sure most of us hadn't cooked Asian before. I know I haven't but I'd like to give some of the recipes a go at home. Let's hope they'll stay true! Perhaps I should come by to freshen up my knowledge in a while.
NCDO Team (Teambuilding workshop)

Dear Rosie,
This was so much fun. Thank you!
Yvette & Tom

The experience was great, delicious food, talented chefs, good drinks and most importantly great company. Rosie was a terrific teacher.
Don Brass

We had a great time! Thank you so much!

Thanks for a wonderful and tasty evening!
Dana & Gabriel

I had a fabulous birthday party. The food was delicious, the place is stunning and the atmosphere was wonderful .Thank you for accommodating all my needs. I will recommend you to everyone!
Karin Brass

Dear Rosie,
Thank you for the lovely time. What a delight to be your guest!

Dear Rosie,
What a wonderful experience! The atmosphere was amazing and I couldn't have wished for a more enjoyable experience. Thank you for your company.
Best wishes,
Lauren Lee

It was a very special experience, to be taught about Singapore food at your wonderful place and then after the fabulous diner with each other. Thank you so much for your hospitality. All the best for you in the future!

Everything rocked, but the rice was the best!

It was very cosy, comforting, hospitable and very nice food! Absolutely worth it!
Regards, Stijn

Nice atmosphere, nice people, all perfect. Good drinks and above all, fantastic food. More than worth visiting!
Love, Willem

Thank you for a great evening!

I enjoyed it very much! Good to know sate sauce can be made without peanut butter.

Great house, very welcoming people, super food. I learnt a lot of useful things. Thank you so much!
Willy Cortus

Thank you for a great evening and a fantastic experience. We felt very welcome and had lots of fun.
Best wishes
Jill Frazer

Wonderful evening, thanks for the great foodie tips!

Thanks so much for this wonderful Singapore experience.

Dear Rosie,
This is my first time at your place and I loved it. Till the next time. Thanks for the great recipes and wisdom.
Hulya Akan

Hi Rosie,
Thank you so much for great experience and good food afterwards! It turned out to be a good “Birthday gift”. See you next time.
Yukari Igo

Thanks for a great time. Really learn how to make a good satay. Thanks.

Dear Rosie,
It was a great afternoon. Good food, nice company. Thanks!
Oh, and I love your house!

Hello Rosie,
I enjoyed this afternoon very much. The food turned out excellent and I’m definitely trying it out at home. Thanks.

Hi Rosie,
I always say I tasted the best sateh in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia and now I found out that I can make them myself. That’s absolutely fabulous! Thanks a lot.

Thanks for showing us your culinary recipes and letting us in to know the kitchen of your country.


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